Mission Statement

“At MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® the business is personal.”
~ Sally Faith Steinmann

MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® millinery offers custom, handcrafted hats for women.

Yet MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® is about more than just pretty hats. It’s about an idea…..

MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® creator, Sally Faith Steinmann states, “Women in this culture have been sold a myth about ideal female beauty – one which limits those who do not fit within a very narrow range of body measurements. All too often, the fashion world supports this myth. Still, women want to wear clothes that make them look good and feel attractive.”

But fashion doesn’t have to be about fitting into a size six. And the beauty of hats is that anyone can wear them, no matter what size or shape they may be.

With a MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® hat, fashion can be a reflection of every woman’s own unique expression of who she really is – from the inside out.

In a very personal and purposeful way, MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® is a business that gently reminds a woman that there is more than one standard of beauty – and it begins very simply with her own