Custom Hat Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Custom Hat Photo Gallery at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®!

Over the years, women have emailed me saying they wish they could see my hats for the Kentucky Derby, brides, teas and Ascot on real women.

This was the very reason I created a photo gallery page to showcase the hats on the best models I know – the amazing women who have purchased our hats and love to wear them!

Hat photo gallery for MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®

This custom hat photo gallery is also such a wonderful way for me to thank the women who have become not only loyal customers over the years, but friends as well…

Thank you, Ladies, one and all!


Please enjoy this photo album of some of our customers donning their custom MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® chapeaux!

Thank you, Ladies!

If you see a hat here that strikes your fancy or you would like to inquire about a price, please email Sally and let her know your ideas!