Designing a Custom Hat

The process of designing a custom hat with Sally Faith Steinmann of MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® is a special one. And since every hat is individually handcrafted, the end result will always be a hat that is truly unique, a one-of-a-kind millinery creation!

designing a custom hat

Perhaps you have a family wedding to attend, or the Kentucky Derby, a bat mitzvah or a holiday party.

For these unforgettable life experiences you need something more than a cookie cutter hat. You will need just the right hat to make it memorable ~ one that will express your own personal sense of style.

Custom hat for the Kentucky Derby

And Sally will walk you through the process of designing your hat, custom made, step by step!

If you know the hat style you would like and are trying to match the hat to an existing outfit or a particular color scheme, Sally will ask for swatches to ensure a good match.

Swatches needed for a custom hat design

From these fabric “clues” and basic style ideas, Sally will then sketch a design tailored to your needs and email that along to you.

Sketches for a custom hat
Hat sketches

At this point a phone conversation is often the most efficient way to finalize the design. Trim details need to be verified, a price set for your custom design and the shipping address determined.

Once payment is received, Sally gets the creative process underway!

As soon as your one-of-a-kind hat is completed, Sally will contact you before the hat is shipped to confirm the address.

Custom hatboxes at MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS®

And when you receive your MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® hat you will see that Sally packs her custom chapeaux with the same care as she creates them.

At last you are ready to don your custom MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® chapeau, and get ready for some adventure!

On the other hand, if you are a first time hat buyer or you just can’t decide what style you need, visit the hat collections offered here at for ideas. You may also find inspiration in the Custom Hat Photo Gallery that features hats worn by our customers for their special occasions.

The bottom line is this – MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® is where the magic begins for a hat that will be one-of-a-kind and personal. Perfectly suited to meet your needs because you helped create it.

So email Sally today, and let the magic begin!

Custom hat customer