“Images of Cape Cod”

~ A Cape Cod Milliner’s Photo Journal

This is actually a “Welcome back to Images of Cape Cod”.

My name is Sally Faith Steinmann, and I am a milliner located on the sandy shores of Cape Cod. Since 1998 I have been creating custom, one-of-a-kind hats for ladies attending the Kentucky Derby, weddings and fancy teas.

I started writing this “Images of Cape Cod” blog several years ago after stumbling upon a new passion.

As a break from the hectic hatmaking studio, I had started taking my camera along with me on my nature walks. Much to my surprise a whole new world opened up to me, literally, before my very eyes. Out there photographing the wildlife in their environments I discovered a sacred place apart…

A place that rejuvenated and inspired me.

And these experiences with the camera began to influence my work. I started sketching new hat designs, inspired by the birds, the coyotes, the foxes that I had met. I watched my color palette shift and expand. The magic and the beauty that I witnessed out there in the wild was something I longed to bring back to the studio.

Unfortunately due to my Mom’s illness over the past few years, I had to back away in 2019 from blogging as my caregiving schedule became overwhelming.

During the years that passed, however, I never stopped taking photos. In fact if anything my passion for wildlife/nature photography only grew and is now as essential to my life as breathing.

Mom passed in October, 2022, and this New Year’s I decided that it was time for me to share the photography part of my life again.

My new photography blog, More Images of Cape Cod, will be launching soon.

In the meantime, I would like to share some of the amazing moments that I experienced in the past few years among the wild ones…

~ To slow down or pause an image in the slideshow, simply hover over the particular photo you choose…

Be well,