Hats for Hair Loss

Where the business is personal and every hat is a one-of-a-kind…”


MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS offers hats for hair loss as a way of assisting customers with hats that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS understands that women who have experienced hair loss have millinery needs that are unique.

And MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS has much to offer anyone experiencing hair loss who needs a hat.

First, the deep crowns of many of the styles offer good coverage.

Secondly, the elasticized insert in most of the hats allows for hat size changes as women lose or regrow hair.

Thirdly, the soft fabrics used to create the hats are soft on the inside and flexible overall. Special requests for extra soft cotton linings can usually be granted at no additional cost.

Finally, the fabrics, colors and styles offered are comfortable and stylish for weddings, the Kentucky Derby and fancy teas.

For more information on hair loss, please check out tlc (Tender Loving Care) the American Cancer publication.

And feel free to email Sally anytime with ideas about a hat that might work best for you.