How to Throw a Derby Party

Even if you are not able to get to the Derby this coming May, the wonderful news is you can still celebrate this amazing event with friends and family by throwing your very own Derby party! All you need is a little creative planning, a desire to enjoy this special springtime event, and others who are willing to join you in the fun. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels turning. And be sure to explore the links included at the very end of this list for further information from some of the Derby party experts…

Getting it started – Create invitations to your Derby party using a Derby theme. You can make invitations in the shape of a racing cap in the stable colors of your favorite entry. Or how about ladies’ Derby hats decorated with all the trimmings? Invite friends and family to help in the fun of planning and creating invitations. And ask those invited to wear a hat.

The Day of the Party – Watch the Derby festivities on t.v. with all your guests. And how about having a hat contest for the best hat with prizes for Win, Place, and Show? Come up with creative judging categories such as the Smarty Jones, the Smelling Like a Rose (for the best floral design), or the Mint Julep.

Refreshments – Offer mint juleps, Hot Brown sandwiches, and chocolate bourbon pecan pie. Get creative from there – bake cookies in the shape of hats, or perhaps even with the racing colors of the Derby starters.

Decorating – Whatever you do, don’t forget the ROSES – decorate generously with large vases of lovely red roses. And how about lapel corsages for everyone who attends?

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